This is how you rent a table

Book a sales location through KirppariKalle:


Undamaged, neat and clean items sell best. If, however, there is a defective product (crack, stain, dent, etc.), put information about it on the price tag.

Bring goods for sale in moderation, a table that is too full and messy will not attract customers. You can bring more goods throughout the sale period and at the same time take care of the cleanliness of the table. The products to be sold must fit in the reserved space. Floors and corridors must be kept free for cleaning and fire safety.

Terms of contract of Tapanila flea market ->


Only Kirpputori's own price tags are used for product pricing, because the price tags have a barcode. Barcoded price tags speed up checkout service and reduce errors. Products can be pre-priced electronically in Kirppari-Kalle or you can traditionally write the prices by hand on pre-printed sticker sheets. Price tags are always printed with Tapanila's flea market.

Write a clear description of the product on the price tags, e.g. skirt H&M xs €3, to prevent the possibility of changing the price tag and minimize errors at checkout.


Full service 50/50

Full service is an effortless way to sell goods. Bring your items to the flea market, and we will take care of pricing, alarms, display, sales and, if necessary, collection and recycling of unsold products.

The sales period is 2 weeks (14 days)
Reservations only by e-mail

€35 + 50% of the sale

Filling service

It is possible to book a filling service at the beginning or during the sales period for €8/sales point/1 bag (Ikea). We will fill your point of sale ready for the first day of sale or as much as the point of sale can accommodate during the sales period. If you want an alarm for some items, mark them with e.g. a post-it note, and we know how to attach the alarms to the right products.


Emptying service

If you wish, we can empty the sales point at the end of the sales period at a price of €8/sales point. Unsold products must be picked up on the next opening day, or alternatively we will recycle the products for you for €5/point of sale.


Cleaning service

If you are busy, it is possible to buy a cleaning service from us for €1.50/day or €9/week.


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