Helsinki's sunniest flea market ☀️

Welcome to a small, atmospheric flea market run by a family business - a place where treasures change hands and stories come to life.

Step inside and discover the magic of the flea market!

We are located next to the Tapanila train station and there are plenty of parking spaces in the yard. We can also be reached by bus nº 74.

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  • ☀️ Hylly

    22€ / 1 viikko

    40€ / 2 viikkoa

    + 5% provisio
  • ☀️ Hylly ja rekki

    29€ / 1 viikko

    55€ / 2 viikkoa

    + 5% provisio
  • ☀️ Rekki

    22€ / 1 viikko

    40€ / 2 viikkoa

    + 5% provisio
  • 1. Make a table reservation easily

    Book a table easily online through KirppariKalle or by calling 044 314 4741.

    You can also make a reservation on the spot at the Tapanila flea market.

    Go to KirppariKalle here 
  • 2. Prepare products suitable for sale

    The best-selling products are intact, neat and clean.

    Bring items for sale in moderation to keep your table attractive to customers.

  • 3. Price the products clearly

    Price the products with Kirpputori's own bar-coded price tags. You can do this electronically at Kirppari-Kalle or write the prices traditionally by hand.

    Price tags are always printed at Tapanila's flea market.

Choose a full service

Bring your stuff to the Tapanila flea market.

We handle pricing, presentation, sales and marketing for you.
Sales period 2 weeks (14 days), after which goods are picked up within 2-3 days.
If necessary, we organize the recycling of unsold products.

You can book the full service: or by sending the form below.

€35 + 50% commission

Book the full service here→