Frequently asked Questions

Terms of contract of Tapanila flea market

How do I book a sales place?

The easiest way to make a table reservation is online through Kirppari Kalle,
but you can also visit Tapanila or call 044
314 4741.

Full-service reservations only by emailing

How are the products priced?

Price tags can be priced by logging into Kirppari-Kallee, where you can price all your products from the Product pricing tab. When the sheet (33 price tags) is ready, save it and mark done. Fill in the number of sheets you need. After that, you can pick up the ready-made price tags from the flea market, where they will be printed for you.

You can also fill in the price tag stickers by hand. In this case, only your table number is already printed on them, and you can write the product description and price on the note yourself.

However, we recommend pre-made price tags on a computer, as it gives you a better chance to track your sales online. Only the product descriptions of the price tags made online are recorded in the sales balance, and you stay up to date on which products have been sold. When the description has been made by hand and the product is sold, you will see the number of the product's price tag and the amount in Kirppari-Kalle.

When can I pick up price tags?

Price tags can be picked up as soon as the place is reserved.

Can I make price tags for the Kirpparika system in advance?

Yes you can, you can prepare price tags in the system at your own pace, even if the place is not even reserved.

Which products should be alerted?

We recommend putting them in the most valuable products. If necessary, you can rent alarms for €0.20/pc. Button, sticker and wire models are available.

When can I bring the goods to the point of sale?

The goods can be brought the night before on weekdays between 17:00 and 18:00 or
on the morning of the sale day and on weekends the night before from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
or on the morning of the sale day.

When should my seat be vacated?

At the end of the sales period, the renter must empty his sales place
at the latest one hour before the closing time of the flea market. If there is no table
emptied on time, we charge €20 for emptying.

If a closed day falls on the sales period, will I be charged for that day?

We do not charge rent for the days when we are closed, but that is automatically taken into account in the booking.

Can the rental period be extended by individual days?

Yes, you can, if a new reservation has not already been made. The price of one additional day is €5

How to cancel a point of sale?

The cancellation of the reservation must be made no later than 3 days before the reservation
start by calling the flea market or sending an email
If the table reservation is not canceled in time, the flea market will take legal action
charge a fee for a week's rental period.

Do you need to bring your own clothes hangers?

No need, our flea has its own!

Is there parking at the flea market?

There are free parking spaces in the yard of the flea market.