Contract terms

1.1 The easiest way to make a table reservation is online through KirppariKalle,
but you can also visit Tapanila or call 044
314 4741.

1.2 The lessee undertakes to pay the rent before the start of the sales period.

1.3 The weekly rent covers the following services and supplies:

Shelf & rack (H x W x D) 175cm x 100cm x 40cm.
€35 / 1 week
€65 / 2 weeks

Shelf (H x W x D) 175cm x 60cm x 40cm.
€28 / 1 week
€50 / 2 weeks

Sleigh (H x W x D) 170cm x 105cm x 46cm.
€28 / 1 week
€50 / 2 weeks

The flea market charges a 5% commission on the products sold.

- 2 sticker sheets. Additional sheets €0.50/pc.
- Hangers and notices for discounted products.
- Possibility to rent a place for products in the showcase (€2.5
- If necessary, you can rent alarms for €0.20/pc. Available is
button, sticker and wire models.
- IDs for the Kirppari-Kallen website.

1.4 The goods can be brought the night before on weekdays between 17:00 and 18:00 or
on the morning of the sale day and on weekends the night before from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m
or on the morning of the sale day.

1.5 Any closed days do not shorten the sales period.

2. Use of the point of sale and responsibility:

2.1 The renter is responsible for the products to be sold and their pricing.
Flea Market is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged items
of the products.

2.2 Please note that your own hangers, racks, shelves or additional parts
bringing and placing at the point of sale is prohibited. Flea market
the staff has the right to clean and remove everything from the point of sale
additional material.

2.3 The products to be sold must fit in the reserved space. Floors and
corridors must be kept clear for cleaning and fire safety..
Storing transport boxes or bags at points of sale is
absolutely forbidden.

2.4 Illegal pirated products may not be sold at our flea market, K-18
products, intoxicants, medicines, toxic or flammable
substances, weapons/bladed weapons, stolen goods or hygiene products, underwear,
foodstuffs or strongly scented plants.

2.5 The sale of defective electrical equipment is strictly prohibited.
Electrical equipment must be functional and approved in Finland.

2.6 Responsibility for compliance with the terms and conditions and possible prohibitions
of the consequences and damages caused by the products is the place of sale
by the lessee. Tapanilan Kirppis reserves the right to remove prohibited and
inappropriate products out of sale.

3. Pricing:

3.1 Kirpputori's own barcodes are used for product pricing
price tags. The renter can price the products in Kirppari-Kalle or
hand on the price tags. Price tags are always printed at Tapanila Kirppis.

Write a clear description of the product on the price tags, e.g. skirt H&M xs
€3 to prevent and minimize the possibility of changing the price tag
errors at checkout.

If you want to change the prices, a new price tag must be made. We do not accept
falsified or altered price tags.

3.2 Prices include 24% value added tax.

4. Cleaning and emptying the table:

4.1 The renter takes care of the cleanliness of his table throughout the sale period. That
goods for sale in moderation, a table that is too full and messy is not
attract customers.

4.2 At the end of the sales period, the renter must empty his sales place
at the latest one hour before the closing time of the flea market. If there is no table
emptied on time, we charge €20 for emptying.

5. Cancellation and change of reservation:

5.1 Cancellation of the reservation must be made no later than 3 days before the reservation
start by calling the flea market or sending an email
If the table reservation is not canceled in time, the flea market will take legal action
charge a fee for a week's rental period.

5.2 If the products for sale have not been brought in during the first 3 days
from the start of the reservation, the flea market has the right to rent the place to someone else
to the customer.

6. Taking pictures and advertising:

6.1 Tapanilan Kirppis reserves the right to take photos of sales products and
use them for advertising on their own social media channels.

7. Settlement

7.1 The settlement is paid either in cash or to the account. Cash order limit is
100€ and must be notified no later than the previous day by e-mailing .

8. Other conditions:

8.1 By making an online payment, you accept Paytrail Oy's payment service terms
( ).

8.2 Tapanilan Kirppis reserves the right to contract terms and prices
to changes.

8.3 Kirppis is not responsible for the destruction of products due to fire, water damage,
in the event of vandalism, burglary or another cause beyond our control.

Acceptance of these conditions takes place when the customer reserves a table.